Interview with David Rose

David Rose, Gastein moderator and international-level public speaking coach has a 17-year track record of moderating and delivering training services in public speaking, facilitation skills and moderation. At this year’s forum, he kicked off the forum by holding a skills-building workshop for the Young Gasteiners, named “Secrets of Effective Moderation and Public Speaking”. The session included a toolkit of practical and ready-to-use techniques and tips on how to improve your skills.

Q: In what way would you say that improving your capacity in public speaking and moderating improves your career in health policy?

DR: Moderating and public speaking are two essential skills for any successful career, and it is definitely becoming ever more important in the field of medicine, public health, policy and across all sectors. It is essentially a career driver now that professionals are engaged in jobs that require it. Whether you are a researcher or a politician, people need to be able to speak in public to put across views and information. If you want to come across, it’s not only about content any more.

Q: In order to improve your capacity of moderation and public speaking, is there any activity that you would recommend?

DR: I would say a good way is to watch moderators and speakers, for example Josep Figueras, here at the EHF in Gastein, and observe how they start a session, how they address the audience and the panel, what body language they use etc.
Making yourself aware of these things is a first step. Moreover, preparation is key. Preparing the session, as well as preparing how to use your voice with volume and speed, and use a confident body language – is vital.

Q: Do you have any advice to people who may find public speaking intimidating? Any tips on how to start?

DR: Remember we are all beginners at one point and a way to start is to use these simple techniques and then it’s all about practice. Public speaking is not a risk, it’s a moderated risk that we can reduce by improving our speaking skills.


This interview was conducted by the Young Gasteiner Charlotte Deogan


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