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Between the 21st and 22nd January 2015, Liverpool hosted one of the first international Public Health CoLiverpool_health_partnersnferences of this year. The conference was organised by Liverpool Health Partners – an umbrella organization with a unique ability to bring together clinical and scientific expertise to develop and promote world-leading research, education, healthcare and innovation. The event has put together high calibre speakers from across the health care sectors. The exciting program has overcome the expectation both in terms of organisation and information shared. Sharing experiences, building strengths, raising knowledge and asking questions were only some of the things that happened during the two-day event. The conference has enhanced the potential for delivering and opening opportunities for collaboration and partnership in the field of health care.

This event showed how the innovation curve can be sharper, faster and hiLieverpool_02gher through partnership and collaboration for each participant and for the institutions they represent.

Fruitful discussions forged collaboration not only across the North of the UK but has established a way of delivering knowledge and know-how for many other areas in the UK and even outside the UK.

Some of the key messages taken home from the conference are:

  • Sharing and partnership are the key principle for the present and future progress in health care
  • The disease related to the brain is more expensive compared to diabetes and cancer.
  • We need more prevention instead of prescription.
  • We need to exchange the way that a drug is put on the market in order not to be too late for some patients.
  • Each experience of the patient is a journey and we, as health care professionals have to be the perfect guide for all of them.
  • UK best examples of innovation in health care are shared across the world in a very efficient manner with measurable results.
  • We have evolved beyond the historical silos of academia, clinic and industry into a wider partnership with huge potential of development.
  • Short term saving can lead to higher expenses later on – open consultations for the decisions with impact at community level.


The future of innovation in health care is partnership and this event has proven once again the importance of this strategy.


Young Gasteiners in Liverpool          Author: Alin Liviu Preda (the first on the right-hand side)








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