What’s NEW at the EHFG?

Together with our new president and secretary general, the EHFG team has begun to rethink some of our structures and procedures and in consultation with a lot of highly appreciated colleagues has embarked on a journey of gentle change based on the success of the past.

Firstly, following discussions with colleagues and partners and their suggestions we have begun to organise and co-organise events next to our main event in October. Please find below dates for some of EHFG (partner) events in Europe and Taiwan. Why not make plans now to attend?

  • European Public Health – 20 years of the Maastricht TreatyTurning past experiences into visions | 22 May 2013 – 23 May 2013 (Maastricht)
  • Primary care in the driver’s seat – The role and impact of primary care systems in Western Europe | 16 May 2013 (Vienna)
  • Resilient and Innovative Health Systems for Europe | 29 May 2013 (Brussels)
  • Global Health Forum in Taiwan | 22 – 25 November 2013 (Taiwan)


What else is new at the EHFG?

  • We have added NGO and government conference fees to encourage the attendance of representatives of these two EHFG pillars.
  • EHFG publications will only be in English from now on.
  • Following the suggestions of colleagues and for environmental reasons, publications will not be printed anymore and will from now on only be sent via email.
  • We have decided to shorten the programme as full attendance of the EHFG conference has not been possible for most participants. We will therefore not offer any official programme on Saturday (excluding the social programme). We would like to encourage and support closed meetings or project meetings you would like to arrange on Saturday morning, though. Please get in touch with us!
  • We have implemented a new registration procedure, which will allow you to pick services according to your needs and wishes (hotel, shuttle, social programme).
  • We are stepping up: From now on it will be a user-friendly online registration for you.
  • You will be able to pay directly via Paypal and don’t have to think about open invoices.
  • Please note that this year we will have a registration deadline: 27th September 2013, but you will be able to register at the EHFG registration desk onsite.


News Makers 2012

Just in case you have missed these changes:
The EHFG has a new President and a new Board, a new Secretary General, and last but not least a new Advisory Committee since 2012.


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