2012-2015 Strategy for the Rights of the Child

Did you know that children make up one fifth of the population of the EU? 19% of children in the EU are at risk of poverty and everyday children are trafficked and victims of sexual abuse.

The Council of Europe adopted the new Strategy for the Rights of the Child on the 15thof February, 2012. Goal of the strategy is a successful implementation of existing children rights standards. Under the first two cycles (2006-2009 and 2009-2011) of the programme, the Council of Europe’s capacity to fulfil its mandate was strengthened, by setting up a multi-stakeholder platform on the rights of the child, children right’s were implemented in almost all policy areas, adoption of new policy guidelines and legislative and policy changes regarding children’s rights in member states. Policy changes were achieved through two campaigns focusing on the elimination of punishment of children and on stopping sexual violence against children. In addition, cooperation with international partners was increased. The EU Website on the Rights of the Child was launched to increase the access of appropriate information for children, providing background information and games on everyday rights, children in danger and other issues.

Challenges remain in the field of prevention, protection, provision and participation.

The four objectives of the strategy are:

1. promoting child-friendly services and systems;
2. eliminating all forms of violence against children;
3. guaranteeing the rights of children in vulnerable situations;
4. promoting child participation.

With the new strategic goals the rights of children should be increased and protected. Children are the future of the world and should have the same rights as adults.

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