“More access to self-service terminals for all – Digital Agenda”

The elderly, people with disabilities, people who might face difficulties in understanding a language, or reading and those that simply just forgot their reading glasses often face difficulties in everyday life accessing self-service terminals such as public transport ticket vending machines or public information kiosks and cash dispensers.
In order to make the life of this target population more convenient, the APSIS4All project has been funded by the EU to improve the access to those services for people being limited in their capability. In total, 3.41 million Euros are provided by the European Commission to develop personalized interfaces. In September 2011, cash dispensers will be implemented in Barcelona, Spain, while half a year later ticket vending machines will be introduced in Paderborn, Germany. In both cases those innovations are trials which will run for four years.
Is that the beginning of an improved environment and will this defuse into all the countries of the European Union and hopefully beyond?

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