FP7- an overview and update

The seventh Framework Programme for research and technological development collects all research –related EU initiatives together and has the goal of growth, competitiveness and employment. There are 4 overall categories:
•    Cooperation which includes health (budget: €32 billion)
•    Ideas (budget €7.4 billion)
•    People (budget €4.7 billion)
•    Capacities(budget: € 4.2)

This programme will run from 2007-2013 and it is considered to respond to Europe’s employment needs and competitiveness. The biggest ever funding package for the Work Programme for 2012 is ~ 7 billion Euros. This is thought to create new jobs and growth in GDP in the future. One project funded through FP7 is INTERLINKS which we have followed carefully as we are member of the sounding board and attended the conference in May.


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