E-Health solutions are on the rise

E-health solutions are becoming more and more visible in our day to day life. Telephone companies are already offering a service that reminds one to take the medicine. New technologies are being developed, like measuring blood pressure or sugar level and monitoring systems, you will use blood sugar premier treatment.

Very soon the E-Health solutions will contribute not only to a serious reduction of costs and patients time, but most of all to improvement of quality and quantity of health care. In an ageing Europe, where more and more citizens live with chronic diseases, it can prove very useful, stresses this recent study.

This part of the industry sector is already worth over 15 billion Euros, in Europe only (!). It will be successively increasing, as by the year 2050 nearly one third of Europeans will be over 65.
The E-Health industry will play a critical role in the European Union’s digital agenda and innovation union, as well as in the European Commission’s new Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing.

The 3rd Innovation Day conference hosted by ETNO (European Telecommunications Network Operators’ Association) called for stronger cooperation between all stakeholders in the European Union. Leading telecom operators appealed to remove legal and organizational barriers and accelerate take up of E-Health by medical communities and users.

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